Microsoft Office 2021 review all features

Microsoft office 2021 full program

Microsoft Office 2021, Microsoft’s suite of productivity applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, has been popular among individuals and businesses alike. The apps in Microsoft Office are among the best Windows 10 apps available for completing work and school tasks. For this reason, Microsoft Office has become the global standard for productivity. Microsoft releases a new version of Office and its applications that feature many improvements and additions from time to time. These improvements improve the already excellent Office user experience, which naturally increases work efficiency.

The last version of Microsoft Office that was previously released was Office 2019, but Microsoft recently launched a new version of Office, which is Office 2021. Therefore, in this article, we provide you with links to download the full Microsoft Office 2021 program in English and French and Office 2021 Arabic in The same article. Also, we will explain how to fully install and activate Microsoft Office 2021 for PC for ease of use.

What’s new in the new version of Office 2021

Microsoft Office 2021

Of course, Microsoft strives to achieve flexibility, increased productivity, and ease of use of the Office package by the user with each new version that is launched in the market. Earlier, the latest version of the Office program was Microsoft Office 2019, but now Office 2021 is the latest and latest version of the Microsoft Office package. Certainly, some changes have been added to the Office 2021 package by Microsoft. But here we are in the process of providing download links to download the Microsoft Office 2021 final version, so you can learn about what’s new in Office 2021 through the official Microsoft website via this link:

New in Microsoft Office 2021

Pricing and availability

Office 2021 is the latest edition of Microsoft’s famous suite of office software for PC and Mac. It includes favorites such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook(opens in new tab), as well as newer offerings such as Teams(opens in new tab).

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Programs inside Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus:

Microsoft Office 2021

The Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus office software package contains many essential programs for all computer users. the most important of these programs are the following:

  • Access 2021
  • Excel 2021
  • Word 2021
  • Lync 2021
  • OneNote 2021
  • Outlook 2021
  • PowerPoint 2021
  • Publisher 2021
  • Visio Viewer 2021
  • Visio pro 2021
  • Project Pro 2021
  • Skype for business 2021
  • OneDrive for Business 2021
  • Office Shared Features
  • Profing Tools Only 2021

Office 2021 vs Microsoft 365: What’s the difference?

The primary difference between Office 2021 and Microsoft 365 is the way in which customers pay for the services.

Microsoft 365 follows the software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model, whereby customers pay a regular subscription fee for access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc. Meanwhile, Office 2021 customers pay a single upfront fee in exchange for a lifetime license.

Office 2021 has the potential to be cheaper in the long run and the apps still benefit from the same kinds of online collaboration features as their Microsoft 365 counterpart.

The downside of choosing Office 2021 over Microsoft 365, however, is that the feature set will only remain current for a limited amount of time (i.e. until the next version is released), whereas Microsoft 365 users will always enjoy the very latest updates and features.

Further, for businesses that would prefer to shift spending from CapEx to OpEx, Microsoft 365 is the obvious choice.

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