The 10 most famous acquisitions in the history of tech companies

On January 18, social media exploded with the news of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision in one of the largest deals ever, whether in the world of games or technology in general. What upset the scales for many companies, the most important of which was Microsoft, of course.

After this acquisition that changed the game balance and made Microsoft at the top in the field of games, we had the following question, was this historical acquisition the only one of its kind that was this big? What about other investments of the same level of fame and magnitude?

For the major technology companies to reach their dominance in the technological world, they had to make several acquisitions that would blow up competitors from the market. Today we will talk about some of the most famous acquisitions arranged in descending order according to their value and how they shaped the technical history that we are contemporary with today.

most famous acquisitions

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Google’s acquisition of Fitbit

جوجل تستحوذ على شركة فيتبت Fitbit الرائدة في أسورة اللياقة والساعات الذكية  - صدى التقنية

Because of Apple’s strength in the smartwatch industry, Google struggled to compete with it, which led it to acquire one of the most famous technology companies in the industry, Fitbit – founded in 2007 – for a sum of $2.1 billion.

We don’t know exactly what Google intends for the future of smartwatches. Still, it is taking deliberate steps in this matter, not to mention targeting its new audience accustomed to Fitbit smartwatches. By the way, the number of this audience reaches about 29 million users.

The American software giant Google takes the field of smartwatches seriously. It seeks with all its might to achieve success in it, and this did not appear in its acquisition of Fitbit but also in its recent cooperation with Samsung, which resulted in the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which led to The smartwatch market for Android systems has rebounded for the first time, reaching 17%, after it represented only 4% last year!

Oracle’s Acquisition of Sun Microsystems

صن ميكروسيستمز - ويكيبيديا

In one of the most significant acquisitions of its time, the company Oracle, famous for its cloud services, managed to acquire Sun Microsystems, and for those who do not know what that company is, let me tell you that Sun Microsystems is the developer of the famous programming language, “Java”.

It is worth noting that Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems from IBM after it outperformed it in an auction and acquired the company for $ 7.4 billion, completing the deal in 2010. Still, we all saw what Google did to Oracle when it outperformed it and took the rights of the Java language in favour of the Android system to end Oracle’s legacy spans nearly a decade.

Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub

اختراق مزعوم لحساب Microsoft على منصة Github، وسرقة 500GB من البيانات  السرية | مينا تك

Microsoft’s first entry to our extended list is sponsored by its acquisition of the largest open-source software company, GitHub, of course.

The acquisition occurred in 2018 when Microsoft spent about $7.5 billion to acquire GitHub. The loyalty of its 50 million users and this number continued to rise. After the company joined the Microsoft banner, the number increased to about 60 million legacy spans nearly a decade.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype

Microsoft to end support for Skype - TechEngage

For the second time in a row, Microsoft entered the list through the portal of the famous chatting application and one of the most renowned communication platforms in the world, Skype. For those who do not know Skype; It is an app similar to Zoom today, but it is the oldest in this field.

When Microsoft completed the deal in 2011, the tech community was amazed at the $8.5 billion Microsoft paid; But considering Skype’s revenue at the time, that acquisition was logical, as the service was generating more than $ 800 million in revenue in a year. Indeed it was the dominant service in the field of video calls, but the Zoomapplication arrived amid the Corona “flight” and got its share of the cake, which was kinda big!

Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp

Comment empêcher WhatsApp de partager votre téléphone avec Facebook

The history of Meta (formerly Facebook) is full of huge acquisitions, as Mark Zuckerberg was working hard to make sure that there were no competitors in his field. Perhaps the most prominent of these acquisitions was when Facebook bought the Instagram platform for one billion dollars and the virtual reality company “Oculus” for 2 billion dollars. Despite the magnitude of the previous two acquisitions, it was not the highest that Meta paid to own another company. Still, Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp was the highest in the company’s history so far.

Where the acquisition of the green bubble, WhatsApp, cost $ 22 billion in 2014, and it was a deal that cannot be taken lightly on the technical level in general, what is interesting in the matter is that the agreement, in the beginning, was only about $ 19 billion. It was still a vast number in that Time for a conversational app. Still, Mark was confident in the investment and didn’t hesitate to pay off that fortune, then boasted about it at a press conference where he said, “Nobody has done anything like this before!”

HP’s disastrous acquisition of Compaq


Many factors led to the division of the giant HP into two separate companies in 2015. For those who do not know, the company was a single entity until it split due to wrong decisions and administrative problems into two companies, HP Inc and HP Enterprise.

But there is no doubt that HP’s disastrous attempt to include Compaq, famous for its computers in 2001, amounting to 25 billion dollars, is one of the decisions that led to that separation, if not the first company’s catastrophe in the first place. Since the merger of the two companies, HP has suffered from many problems and initiatives. Failed, questionable takeovers, ineffective management and two ethical scandals have led to the resignation of several CEOs.

Microsoft/LinkedIn: Warum diese Übernahme aus Plattform-Sicht etwas ganz  Besonderes ist - Stefan Fritz Blog

Microsoft appeared on the list for the third time and acquired another company for another fantastic amount. That deal was the largest in its history before we agreed that it broke all previous acquisitions records.

By the time Microsoft was closing its biggest deal in 2016 at around $26.2 billion, it was integrating its social networks with Office 365. Acquiring a company the size of LinkedIn would bring countless benefits to Microsoft that would use its IT staff to improve its business. User experience. Away from the details, we can note the deal’s success from the remarkable strength of LinkedIn and its precise impact in the current period.

IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat

تعرف على أشهر 10 استحواذات في تاريخ الشركات التقنية

After Microsoft completed its acquisition of GitHub, everyone expected that this deal would be the most expensive in the history of technology, especially when it comes to programming. Still, the giant computer company IBM came and surprised everyone with this acquisition.

IBM acquired the open-source Red Hat distribution system, which is one of the best distributions that exploited the capabilities of the Linux system in the best possible way, for about $ 34 billion in 2019, and now the distribution is under the control of IBM.

Dell acquires EMC

DCmag - Sécurité multi-cloud : Dell EMC introduit de nouvelles  fonctionnalités

On October 12, 2015, Dell announced its acquisition of the giant EMC for a whopping $67 billion as the most expensive technology acquisition in history at the time and until recently.

In the past few years, we’ve found Dell doing a lot for its stock boom, and it’s worth noting that it even tried to acquire the simulation giant VMware in 2018 but unfortunately couldn’t. You should also know that Dell has suffered through the vagaries of capitalism between privatization and global markets. “The company has been through a lot,” that’s what we’re trying to say.

The largest acquisition in history!

Microsoft kupuje Activision Blizzard za 68 mld dolarów. Historyczna  transakcja -

Finally, we have reached our last stop, which is headed by Microsoft once again, and other than the company that honoured our list as the most acquired companies can complete the biggest deal in history!

On January 18, 2022, we saw with our own eyes that Microsoft announced its acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion! For those who do not know, Activision is one of the most influential companies in gaming history; The company has well-known titles such as Call of Duty, Diablo, Overwatch, Candy Crush, and many more. All these games are under the throne of Microsoft and Phil Spencer (CEO of Xbox), and we are now waiting to see the fruits of this resounding deal.

In the end, it is worth noting that there are dozens of other influential deals in technical history, but we wanted to address this article from the angle of the amounts of acquisitions, and we chose the most famous cases that attracted the attention of the whole world with their numbers and colossal impact,

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